You might get one of the following error codes back when making a call to the API.

If you get an Invalid ‘something’ Parameter error, check the documentation for that parameter to see what the valid options are.

Error Description Likely Cause
1 Internal Error Something went wrong in our API
2 Invalid Username Or Password
3 Insufficient Credits Available
4 Authentication Failure
5 Invalid MsgType
6 ‘To’ Parameter Not Specified
7 ‘Content’ Parameter Not Specified
8 ‘MessageID’ Parameter Not specified
9 Unknown ‘MessageID’
10 Invalid ‘To’ Parameter
11 Invalid ‘From’ Parameter
12 Message too long Message text is too long
13 Cannot Route Message You don’t have an international contract
14 Message Expired
15 No route defined for this number You don’t have an international contract
16 ‘URL’ parameter not set
17 Invalid Source IP Account locked down to specific IP addresses
18 ‘UDH’ Parameter Not Specified
19 Invalid ‘ServType’ Parameter
20 Invalid ‘ExpiryTime’ Parameter
25 Duplicate Client ID received Your account is setup to require a unique Client ID on each message, we’ve seen this one before.
26 Internal Error Something went wrong in our API
27 Invalid ‘TimeStamp’ Parameter
28 Invalid ‘AbsExpiry’ Parameter
29 Invalid ‘DlrType’ Parameter
31 Invalid ‘Concat’ Parameter
32 Invalid ‘UniqueId’ Parameter
33 Client ID required Your account is setup to check for a unique client ID on every message, one wasn’t supplied in this send.
39 Invalid character in ‘Content’ parameter
40 Invalid TextPayload MMS text has an invalid character
41 Invalid HexPayload MMS Payload can’t be decoded as hex
42 Invalid Base64Payload MMS payload can’t be decoded as Base64
43 Missing content type No content type provided on MMS payload
44 Missing ID All MMS Payload parts must have an ID
45 MMS Message too large The combined parts are too large to send
46 Invalid Payload ID
47 Duplicate Payload ID
48 No payload on MMS
49 Duplicate ‘filename’ Attribute on Payload All MMS parts must have unique filenames
50 ‘ItemId’ Parameter Not Specified
51 Invalid ‘ItemId’ Parameter
52 Unable to generate filename for Content-Type
53 Invalid ‘InvalidCharAction’ Parameter
54 Invalid ‘DlrEnroute’ Parameter
55 Invalid ‘Truncate’ Parameter
56 Invalid ‘Long’ Parameter
57 No API Key provided You need to provide an API Key or a Username and Password when calling the API
58 Invalid API Key Log in to your API account to check the key or create a new one
59 Account must use API Keys This account isn’t allowed to use a Username and Password, log in to your account to create a key
100 Internal Error Something went wrong in our API
101 Internal Error Something went wrong in our API
102 Invalid XML API Post can’t be parsed as XML
103 XML Document does not validate
300 Client ID too long
305 Query throttling rate exceeded You’ve sent too many status requests this hour